PEC Pakistan's Development Committee

a. PEC will provide necessary support and facilitation to encourage and promote academia-industry linkages by creating a strenuous bond between industry and academia through identifying and categorizing district wise HEls based on their faculty expertise, infrastructure and lab facilities for need specific demand of local industrial problems. 

b. Promotion of industrial design project with innovative idea in Engineering Profession by encouraging HEls to identify the relevant topics for Final Year Design Projects (FYDPs) as per the need of local industries to carry out indigenous solutions for the industrial problems! issues. 

c. To identify and develop a district wise database regarding the availability of raw material, skilled labour, resources, market demand, utility services and regulatory requirement for suitable industry to flourish in that specific area! region, in this regard a study will be conducted by the HEls of that specific area! region.

d. The focus will be given to provide necessary hands on experience for graduating engineers’ through trainings! internships in collaboration with industry. In this regard paid internship will be arranged through PEC and financial implication will be borne by PEC in collaboration with relevant industry. 

e. Entrepreneurship of Young Engineers will be promoted by developing a framework for planning, coordinating, organizing, executing and monitoring innovation related activities with support of Kamyab Jawaan Program.

f. Establish framework for Venture Capital (VC) investment, funds and public private partnership for financing the startups. 

g. Develop a database for registration! documentation of innovative initiatives, ideas, and startups as institutional archives for reference! guidelines. 

h. Implementation of Efficient CSR activities with involvement of consultant, contractors! operators and HEls over the objective of clean and green environment.

I) Efforts that can upgrade and elevate the status of our country through achievement of UN-SDGs by utilizing regulatory

guidelines of PEC in-line with Government strategy as approved by the Cabinet.